A Desi Christopher Hitchens

The news about Sudheendra Kulkarni’s resignation as National Secretary of the BJP and Political Secretary to Party President LK Advani, surprised me as The Tribune story indicates that he made a move from the Left to the Right.This seems to be borne out by a Rediff story couple of years ago.

He was a BTech from IIT, Bombay. The year 1980. It reminded me of another IIT graduate from the same batch- Tejinder Sandhu, who joined the IPF and whom I met when he had left the IPF. He had taken to drinking, and then I heard that he joined a college in a small town in Amritsar district as a college lecturer. I liked him a lot, and he gave me his copy of the 5th volume of the Selected Works of Mao.

About him, perhaps sometimes else. But Sudheendra Kulkarni’s about turn has of course, kind of saddended me. I was not aware of his Left roots.


Author: bhupinder singh

an occasional blogger

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