A Name of the Suicide

The agrarian situation in India- the one major factor in the NDA’s defeat and the UPA’s return to power last year, continues to deteriorate. For the rural poor, the biggest group left out of the positive gains of globalization in India, suicide still seems to be the easier way out of debt.P. Sainath writes on how the suicides continue while the government agencies try and camouflage them under a different name while Anne Applebaum examines why the neo- rich in India are all for Americanism.

In other words, the writing on the wall for the UPA is still there, it hasnt been erased since the NDA departed.


Author: bhupinder singh

an occasional blogger

One thought on “A Name of the Suicide”

  1. the picture of this story tell theagony of indian farmers . anithere indian state panjab is passing through a same agony . in the villages the dissuction is about water . water leveval is going down each year but still sowing of rice is continue . india deaman strict rules on usage of water . now question is How much water a man needed? there must be rules for saving agriculter and farmers in india

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