The Case of Doosri Radha: Inspector General DK Panda

It beats me how a senior level policeman could transform into what he claims to be a ‘Doosri Radha’, coming to office in salwar/kameez and dancing in front of TV cameras wearing lehenga/choli. Besides the fact that the scene strikes one as bizarre what one doesn’t understand is where to draw the line between the sacred and the profane.

Inspector General (Rules and Manuals) Devendra Kumar Panda, has since 1991 donned the role of Radha, the beloved of Krishna and plunged into a pool of Krishna Bhakti.Dressed in female attires and sporting a Mangtika (jewellery adorning the head of females), a nose ring, besides wearing the vermillion (Sindoor), Mr Panda spends most of his time dancing and singing bhajans supposed to have been sung by Radha for her beloved.

The love for Krishna is best accentuated by the plaque on Mr Panda’s residence in 5/2 IPS Colony Vibhuti Khand in Gomti Nagar here, that reads instead of D.K. Panda (IPS) “Doosri Radha.”

He was accorded a warm welcome when he went to Puri, to the Jagannath temple. Lord Jagannath is said to be an incarnation of Lord Krishna:

Uttar Pradesh IGP D K Panda, who has been in the thick of controversy over his proclamations of being ‘‘Doosri Radha’’ and for donning female attire, arrived in Puri via Bhubaneswar today.At Puri, he was accorded a warm welcome by Rabinarayan Sahoo, secretary of the Biswakarma Taxi Karmachari Sangha and a number of locals who prostrated themselves before him.

He then went to the temple for darshan of Lord Jagannath, considered an incarnation of Krishna. Before entering the temple he daubed his feet with the red ‘alata’ colour.

Or is it a case of victimization of the police officer himself, a distorted understanding by deculturised Hindus with the “intellectual class revelling in stripping IG Panda of all his dignity”. Besides the deculturalised Hindus, one of whom is apparently Panda’s wife Veena Panda the victimizers, according to Radha Rajan, include non- Hindu Indians, besides the human rights ‘industry’, NGOs and TV channels?

Will this kind of shocking demonstration become a trendsetter for expressing personal angst (the case of the ‘Teesri Radha)? Will we soon have a police force with a Radha contingent?

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