Pramod Mahajan’s Legacy

His “legacy” turns out to be more dubious than I thought, but still kind of feel vindicated with all the news of sleaze and muck coming out barely a month of Mahajan’s death.

India Shining is now being called India Snorting—in BJP circles.

Asked how the party of Ram bhakts had produced coke/ heroin-snorting party animals, spokesman Prakash Javadekar kept a straight face and his sense of humour—”it shows we are now appealing to all sections of society”. But by the time an SMS went out suggesting that the BJP’s name be changed to Bharatiya Janata Let’s Party, the joke was beginning to fall flat.

But now that Pramod is gone and his son been found doped out, the BJP is re-examining what is being called the Pramod Mahajan legacy. Much of what has happened is being blamed on the fact that Pramod virtually ran a parallel financial empire within the BJP. Suggestions of murder by coke/heroin have been doing the rounds since it was known that, in the weeks after Pramod’s death, Vivek had been complaining about former cronies refusing to return funds parked with them.

See my obituary then termed “misplaced”.

Update: Source: Rediff 12 June 06

During Rahul’s interrogation for drug use many details of the late Bharatiya Janata Party leader Pramod Mahajan’s wealth have tumbled out, say the police.

Inspector Madanjit Singh Randhawa claimed that during his interrogation, Rahul allegedly told the police that he is capable of spending “anything between Rs 60,000 and Rs 70,000 every day.”

Interestingly, interrogators said Rahul’s cell phone buzzed all the time. Various filmmakers, politicians and industrialists call him, he told police officers.

Rahul told the police he spends money mostly on taking his friends to clubs, parties, pubs and discotheques.

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2 thoughts on “Pramod Mahajan’s Legacy”

  1. It sure is the talk of the nation. The funny side to the otherwise glum story is that barely a month ago, much of the Indian Press and the blogosphere was singing paeans to the deceased Mahajan !

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