Mohib reminds us of a verse by Faiz on Beirut “aik nagma karbala e beirut ke liye” that he wrote on the eve of the invasion of Lebanon by Israel in 1982. History has turned a full circle as it were.

Here is another excerpt from “sar e vadiye seena” written after the Arab- Israel war of 1967:

har aik aula il umr ko sada do
ki apni farde amal sambhale
uthega jab jam e sarfaroshan
padainge daar o rasan ke lale
koi na hoga jo bacha le
jaza, saza, sab yahin pe hogi
yahin aazaab o savaab hoga
yahin se uthega shor e mehshar
yahin pe roz e hisaab hoga

Pictures and coverage on the devastation in Lebanon. More pictures (link via AmLeft) on Israel’s “liberation” of Lebanon.

While on Faiz and Lebanon, one cannot but help recall the late Eqbal Ahmed as well. An article on Lebanon at a site devoted to his life and works.

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