‘I am Dalit, how are you?’

Some 250 million people around the world were born untouchable. They live throughout South Asia, as well as in Japan and parts of West Africa. Over 160 million of them are in India, where they make up more than one-sixth of the population, and where over 580 million more people belong to other oppressed castes and tribes.

The Hindu caste system has been called a “hidden apartheid” and the single greatest existing social evil. But outside of the subcontinent few people know much about it, even among leftists.

…from the Anti- Caste Info site

A short movie on the Dalits in India.

Movie Source: International Dalit Solidarity Network

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Author: bhupinder singh

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8 thoughts on “‘I am Dalit, how are you?’”

  1. Thank you so much for this post, especially as we are apt to forget that we live amidst a hidden apartheid. Your post makes me want to go pick up Narendra Jhadav’s “Untouchables”. Have you read it. I am halfway through the movie on the Dalits and I find it very moving, but very educational, too.

    Again, thanks so much for posting this.

    Lotus (Lotusreads)

    p.s. beta blogger won’t accept my comment with my blogger display name. Do you know if anyone else is having this problem?

  2. No I havent read Jadhav’s book though I have read the reviews.

    Regarding your point on the comment problem:
    Apparently it is a known bug:

    You can perhaps create a beta account for yourself if not switch over to beta altogetehr. I was initially hesitant, but having done the switch, I feel rather good about it- it is definitely better than the old one.

  3. Good post.

    Not everyone knows that flamenco music and dance, originated with nomadic Indian untouchables. Taking it further, Gypsy culture has the same origins.

  4. Renegade Eye, I didn’t know that flamenco originated among the untouchabls in India ! Thanks for the information.

  5. Thanks for blogrolling me. Yes, I found your blog extremely interesting. Sure to visit often.
    As for Dhasal, at least his poetry is non-corruptible.

  6. >As for Dhasal, at least his poetry is non-corruptible.

    Isn’t this disembodiment of art from its creator something that makes it beautiful, and immortal?

  7. You are right. What I had in mind was sth more material. For a large number of people today and in the future, Dhasal will be his poetry and not the Sangh ally. That his poetry is and will remain a panther, wont become a cow, is the small consolation we have.

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