Remembering a friend this Diwali

To write about Divali in South India is to invite intense fire from saffron troops. For, Ram stands delinked from the festivities. Nor, for that matter, does Lakshmi figure in anything that goes on that day. What kind of a Divali is it then?

An article by friend, comrade, mentor – the late TKR

I was reminded of this article by hip Grandma‘s post.

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Author: bhupinder singh

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5 thoughts on “Remembering a friend this Diwali”

  1. i do not know about south but we are celebrating Diwali . candels on the houeses r lighten whole dark night is lighting with AAtishbaji peoples are enjoying .from a hut to palace there is somthing commen . sadness is missing happy mood is there . peoples are happy today Long live Diwali This is our Tradition ad culter ..raghbir

  2. Sadness is too there today i met a potter (ghumar)
    with the coming of chines lights most of the peoples prefer light purchage few diyas .he said AAwa of a woman near malerlotla is distroyed all her pottries crackes she is ruined they waited a whole year for diwali oh they may not lighten the diyas peoples who lights the othere peoples houses have to remains in darkness . Hope Real Diwali for All .. raghbir

  3. “Hope Real Diwali for all”… reminds me of Gramsci’s famous quote: there may be a pessimism of the mind, but there is the optimism of the will.

  4. I read your tribute to him sometime back in your archives. It was very well written and moving. It is indeed sad, it seems the great generation of thinkers, writers is already gone.

    happy diwali to you too! its already gone but still.

  5. Thanks for your wishes. Thanks for reading the remembrance I wrote for TKR- as you can make out, I was personally very attached to him.

    It is true that one paricular strand of activists- writers some of whom I was fortunate to have known has gone or is on the verge of going away. That was the generation reared by PC Joshi in the CPI of the 1930-40s and which played a significant role in journalism/intelligentsia and Left politics till 1980s.

    But one thing that the internet has done in the last few years has been to introduce me to many people in whom I see the same sparks.

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