"We locked away Gandhi on Feb 28"

“Terror was unleashed at Godhra Station because this country follows Gandhi, we locked away Gandhi on Feb 28 (2002), reform yourselves or we will forget Gandhi. Till we follow Gandhi’s policies of non- violence … kneeling before Muslims, terrorism cannot be eliminated. Brothers we have to abandon Gandhi.”

– Praveen Togadia (quoted from his speech in the video)

A heart wrenching documentary Final Solution on the Gujarat pogrom of 2002 and subsequent elections in the Hindutva laboratory.

Link to google videos

Link via comment at All Things Pakistaniat


Author: bhupinder singh

an occasional blogger

4 thoughts on “"We locked away Gandhi on Feb 28"”

  1. really gut wrenching… nauseating.

    hope someone uploads anand patwardhan’s documentary war and peace. that is also an amazing piece of work. a classic.

  2. Bhupinder, as you have broached the subject of Gujarat carnage, I am reminded of a keenly awaited film Parzania which has been shown in film festivals and can be termed as highly acclaimed with generally very good reviews….
    Directed by Rahul Dholakia, it’s a true story of his friend who in the carnage loses his 10 year son Parzan and ‘his world’ Parzania (Parzan had christened his world, his imaginary utopia with mountains of ice creams and nothing but cricket — a world where everyone is happy).
    It has Naseerudin shah and Sarika acting as parents of the child….
    Here is a link to a kind of review….

    I wonder if we could also upload some scenes from Balram’s play on Gujarat that we watched together in Chandigarh…
    Coming to Anand Patwardhan ‘s Film ‘War and Peace’as mentioned by Alok…its more about military jingoism let loose in the wake of India going nuclear with Pokhran2 which our good old wise friend Ramasami described as India having had a ‘nuclear erection’…
    Its beautiful and well researched film…that’s why it was banned if I am not mistaken during NDA rule….A must see film…

  3. Alok, Rajesh: Let me know if you get a copy of Patwardhan’s documentary. I would be interested in watching it.

    Rajesh: I liked TKR’s imaginative take on the nuclear explosions, I don’t remember hearing it directly from him, but I can imagine 🙂
    Thanks too for the link to Parzania, will try and watch it.
    Why don’t you prod Balram to blog ??

  4. Bhupinder: I have got a copy of the documentary and i can send it to you….
    I have already asked Balram for using the medium of blog….

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