There is a new book buying service available- enables one to search a book across many sellers. I liked the feature that enables tracking using RSS feeds. According to an email that I received: is a free service of finding the best price on books among the major online stores. Our real time engine can help you save as much as 80% from the retail price on new & used books,cds and dvds. We have introduce innovative features and tools like finding the best price of several books together, which might reduce the high shipping costs and save even more money. And now we are offering the new “RSS Price Watcher” that enables you to track the price of a specific book and with your own preferences (shipping, currency, condition, etc) using RSS feeds.

Results of a search on Don Quixote in Edith Grossman’s translation published about three years ago. The price shown is inclusive of shipping charges in the US.


Author: bhupinder singh

an occasional blogger

4 thoughts on “Booksprice”

  1. Hi,
    While searching Mirza Ghalib’s picture, i landed into your site. I liked it. I liked your header picture too.
    Will you permit me to use the same in my blog?

  2. Thanks for landing here, Anil. Feel free to use anything from this blog including the picture. A link back to the source on this blog will be appreciated.

  3. Thanks a lot. i will put you in my blogroll. I will use your header picture in a suitable blog page. Presently you may visit my “” and “” .

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