To the Progressive Farmers of Bengal

Source: The Tribune
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Author: bhupinder singh

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8 thoughts on “To the Progressive Farmers of Bengal”

  1. I wonder why Amitabh is such an obsession with us Indians. He is a hypocrite of the first order and yet people fall over each other to honour him. For instance I was finally impressed by his performance in the film Black. Now later I learn that the film is a ditto copy of some American film and so the National Film Awards have been held up because one of the members of the jury has filed a petition in the high court challenging the best actor and actress awards to him and rani mukherjee because the film is not an original indian one.
    Then this whole thing about his acquiring agricultural land in pune and uttar pradesh by illegal means and then taking tax rebates by declaring himself as a farmer. To me he symbolises all that has gone wrong with the Indian intellectual class – public posturing that is holier than thou combined with the crassest of materialistic corruption.

  2. Glad to see another desi leftist who is critical of what’s happening in Singur and Nandigram. I’ve blogged about it too (although, so far I think my neighbor’s cat is the only one who has read it–I saw her peering into the room at my computer the other day).
    BTW, your blog looks great. I think I’m a-gonna do the wordpress switcheroo too!

  3. Rahul: But doesn’t he, in his present crassness, represent the crassness of the middle classes? See, for example this report on the survey of, ahem, Indian “consumer citizens” (some oxymoron that):

    “At a time when the rest of the world shows an increasing distrust of large corporations, Indians rank 2nd in their faith in large corporations with a thumping 62% , highest in their faith in campaign groups, and, of all things, the World Bank (63%).”

    His U- turn is as dramatic as that of the middle classes, from the angry young man in the aftermath of the naxalite and other movements of the 1970s, to the present admiration of materialism of the un-dialectical type.

    LeftyProf: Your neighbour’s cat is indeed lucky 🙂
    There are quite a few folks from the left who have written critically on this subject. You can find some of the links at, and also over at Madhukar’s blog (

  4. Rahul’ comment is illuminating.
    Undivided CPI had many mass organisations. Union Congress
    AISF…. Student Federation
    PWA….. Progressive Writers Association

    One cannot miss the irony of nomenclatures.

    Only writers or intellectual can be prorgressive!

    Further…the name of farmer’ orga. was Akhil Bhartiya Kian Sabha or all India Kian Sabha. name of union of aricultural labours was Bhartiya Khet Mazdoor Union.
    One can notice that the name of farmers and agri. workers oranisaton are in vernacular, and working class’ s orga. took English name.

    So, Only intellectual class can be genuinly progressive (Lenin’s claim that socialist theory came out of the experience of working class). At the most, Workers can be taught to be progressive. Farmer is remanant of decadant MOP.

    Amitabh is from intellectual class (rahul)… thus a legitimate pro’gressive farmer.

    However, farmers of nandygram are just ‘agressive farmers.

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