“Motherland” by Lal Singh Dil

In Memory of the poet Lal Singh Dil

Lal Singh Dil died earlier this week on 14th August.



Does love have any reason to be?
Does the fragrance of flowers have any roots?
Truth may, or may not have an intent
But falsity is not without one

It is not because of your azure skies
Nor because of the blue waters
Even if these were deep gray
Like the color of my old mom’s hair
Even then I would have loved you

These treasure trove of riches
Are not meant for me
Surely not.

Love has no reason to be
Falsity is not without intent

The snakes that slither
Around the treasure trove of your riches
Sing paeans
And proclaim you
“The Golden Bird”*

* The reference is to ancient India termed as a “Golden Bird” because of its perceived riches.

A previous post on the Dalit Marxist poet.

Source of the poem in Panjabi. Translation into English by readerswords.

An essay on Dil by Amarjit Chandan (in Punjabi, pdf file). Thanks to HD for sending the essay. Picture at the top of this post is taken from this essay, and is credited to Amarjit Chandan.

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Author: bhupinder singh

an occasional blogger

6 thoughts on ““Motherland” by Lal Singh Dil”

  1. Your translation is superb.
    Lal Singh Dil ‘s poetry is immortal.
    Some lines by Sant Ram Udaasi ,
    “Kaalakh de vanjaario , chanan kade harda nahin ”
    “Kirnan de kaatilo ,suraj kade marda nahin”

  2. lal singh dil bujhde divyian di low lal singh aisa kavi jo har ik bujhe dive di tarha ajj ve baute dila vich sulag riha hain lal singh dil aish kavi jish de kadar sade saure smaj ne na kiti par lal singh ajj vi suraj di loh wang bauteya dila te raj karda hain

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