A Stalinist Comes Home to Roost

Ashok Mitra, the brilliant, acerbic and one of the more dogmatic CPM members pontificates on the Stalinist Frankenstein he helped to create.

One can borrow S.D. Burman’s songto describe what the CPI(M) was in the state a few decades ago: “You are not what you were.”  Ninety per cent of the party members have joined after 1977, 70 per cent after 1991.  They do not know the history of sacrifices of the party.  To them ideological commitment to revolution and socialism is simply a fading folktale.  As the new ideology is development, many of them associated with the party are in the search for personal development.  They have come to take, not to give.  One efficient way to bag privileges is to flatter the masters.  The party has turned into a wide open field of flatterers and court jesters.  Moreover, there has been a rising dominance of ‘anti-socials’.

It is too late, Com Mitra. The sky is really fallin’ this time.

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