The Lord Help Them

“I had consulted my astrologer and he had advised me to file my papers at 12:39 pm as it is the Vijay mahurat and will ensure victory for me,” says Vajubhai.

And Vajubhai is not the only one. His cabinet colleague miles away in Rajkot too filed his nomination papers at the same time. But gave a different logic for it.

“Lord Ram killed Ravan at 12:39 pm. The time signifies victory of good over evil. Therefore I file my nomination papers at 12:39 pm,” says Minister, Water Resources, Narottam Patel.

But it’s not the BJP alone, even Congress nominees did the same. But what do astrologers have to say about the Vijay mahurat?

Indian democracy is safe in the hands of the star gazers. Wonder what the BJP leaders in Tamil Nadu have to say on Lord Ram killing Ravan.

2 thoughts on “The Lord Help Them

  1. It is not just politicians, it is business people, actors, media people, anyone really.
    A few years ago i was producing a talk show where the whose who of business was featured. I was supposed to start shooting immediately after the Ganpati festival. The idea was that Ganpati attracts extra traffic, and it may be best to hold the shoot after the festival is over so that people can arrive and leave the studio on time…
    A few days prior to the shoot, i was told that after ganpati – the period of ‘pitru paksh’ starts, and it would be difficult to get the guests into the studio in that period……because the period (some 15 odd days) is supposed to be inauspicious.

    In another vein, most celerities change their name adding extra alphabets , based on numerology, to add to their luck

    I guess that we get the politicians that we deserve.

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