Sudarshan Faakir

Sudarshan Faakir, poet and lyricist whose ghazals and some nazms were sung by Begum Akhtar in her last phase and Jagjit Singh in his early phase in the 1970s and 1980s died on 19 Feb in Jalandhar. He will be remembered as one of the significant though minor poets of the language. In context of the language issue, it needs to be remarked that he belonged to the small and diminishing tribe of non- Muslim Urdu poets from East Punjab. Krishna Adeeb, who passed away couple of years back and Joginder Lal (known by his nome de plume Naqsh Lyallpuri) are others that come to mind. His compositions may not have been prolific, but each is remarkable for its profundity and perfection.

Pretty much a recluse, this is one of the very few interviews that one can find on the internet. I have heard that he was associated with the left- progressive circle around NK Joshi in the early 1970s in Jalandhar.
Newsreport about his passing away
One of my own favourites is a film song by Faakir
Zindagi main jab tumhare gham nahin the.  Another is the one by Begum Akhtar below.

Another ghazal sung by Mohammad Rafi:

This is a popular Jagjit Singh item Kagaz ki Kashti:

You can listen to a good collection here too.

Romanized text of some of Faakir’s poetry at Urdupoetry.


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5 thoughts on “Sudarshan Faakir”

  1. i have read a little about this honer man(in Sunday dainik Bhaska,s special RASRANG ) but wt i have read it was heat touching. for say, his not living in his home and leaving it to Pigeons.

    “wo mahan the” HINDI KA SITARA

  2. As i heard most of jagjit singh,s gazals.
    The peot i like most is sudarshan fakkir.
    other r there . but he was best . singers ca

  3. As i heard most of jagjit singh’s gazals.
    The peot i like most is sudarshan fakkir.
    other r there . but he was best .

  4. I have deeply enjoyed all of his gazals. They are unique, touching and very close to reality. He is undoubtedly the best urdu poet I have heard so far. He is above all ratings. My deepest tribute to him.

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