160 years later- this book still has a lot to say

This little book was first published 160 years ago on 21st February 1848.

The world has not stopped listening to it ever since.

Thanks to Marxists Internet archives, you can actually now listen to the audio.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2
Chapter 3 & 4

Watch an animated version of the book.

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Author: bhupinder singh

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10 thoughts on “160 years later- this book still has a lot to say”

  1. as epochmaking as the bible and quran have been in their time and equally able to command unquestioning faith. its a pity its spirit got ossified even faster than the other two. possibly because it was much ahead of its time.

  2. @rahul: I tend to agree that it was ahead of its time. A re- reading especially is enlightening – and seems so contemporary- when seen in context of the current wave of globalizations.
    RonF: tragically, comically or thankfully depends on one’s perspective, though I’d say that even those who have been/ are unsympathetic to Marx and Marxism will find many an insight in the book.

  3. It’s typical that this Commie bullshit can only be put together by stealing other people’s work, since Communism, like Fascism, is everywhere the ideology of the resentful incompentant and the thief who wants theft defined inhigh-sounding words.

  4. Are you telling me you believe in intellectual property, Sabotta? Now I’m trying to remember which side Spooner was on and which one Tucker was. I say that intellectual property is socialism. I think I’ll wait to argue that with you after evolution.

  5. This animation is really great! Makes something as supposedly ‘heavy’ as the Communist Manifesto so much fun 🙂
    What an accurate critique of Capitalism.. Feels as if it was written yesterday! Thanks for sharing

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