There are no Flying Carpets in Baghdad anymore

In the story The Thief of Baghdad, Prince Ahmad’s friend Abu steals a flying carpet to help his friend escape from the clutches of the evil vizier Jaffar. For most people of Iraq, however, there are no flying carpets to escape from the clutches of a mindless war that has unleashed too many evil jinns seemingly impossible to put back in the bottle. After five years of the invasion, the brutal dictatorship of Saddam Hussain seems preferable even to some of its critics.

Aljazeera reporter Rageh Omaar returns to Iraq after five years and reports the state of the country and its people. Just the scale of the humanitarian crisis unleashed by the war is revolting, just as its barbarism is. A very touching piece of reportage.

Watch Part 2 and Part 3 too. The last one covers the stories of the refugees from Iraq- that number 1.5 million into Syria alone.

Author: bhupinder singh

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5 thoughts on “There are no Flying Carpets in Baghdad anymore”

  1. war is such a wasteful practice yet the desire for power and pelf invariably leads to war. it is always ugly and so it is not surprising that the war in iraq has turned out to be a curse for the whole world. let us hope obama makes it to the us presidency and is then able to keep his word about withdrawing from iraq against the wishes of the corporate oligarchy that effectively rules america and the world

  2. Just like Vietnam was lost after the Tet Offensive, the US lost the Iraq war, only its provincial and adventurist leadership goes forward.

    The bulk of casulties are yet to come. The issues in Northern Iraq, will be explosive.

  3. @Rahul: I doubt if Obama can make much of a difference. By his recent comments decrying his former pastor, he has significantly limited the debate on racism to contemporary US society. His former pastor’s views are far more radical and he criticizes what he calls the worldwide racist nature of US imperialism (attacking non- white countries) the world over. There is some fine coverage at Winter Patriot
    @Renegade Eye: Bush has taken the US to a situation where it is between the devil and the deep sea, and nothing short of an imminent humiliation in Iraq. I agree with you in that the bulk of casualties are yet to come.

  4. Only recently I was introduced to your blog. Found it very interesting, informative and appealing. The one about flying carpets in baghdad, I could not get it full. the part 2 and 3 are not opening too. Any chance to read it full.

    Please inform.

  5. Rajeeve: I am not sure why you are not able to access Part 2 and 3 because I can view them by clicking on the links, could be that access to is blocked on your network. Thanks for your kind word about the blog.

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