Rajan Iqbal

Somewhere between Chandamama and Alfred Hitchcock and the Three Investigators, I remember reading a few novels in a series about a homegrown, desi investigator duo called Rajan Iqbal.

A google search revealed that at least one of the versions (Rajan Iqbal aur Preton ka Aatank– “Rajan Iqbal and the Terror of the Spirits“) in its comic book format is available online. Also, I came to know, after all these years, the name of the author- SC Bedi- I am quite intrigued by it and wonder if it is, like the name of the heroes in the novels, fictional too.

I think the novels were published by Diamond Pocket Books or Hind Pocket Books, and those days could be found in any bookshop or newspaper kiosk in small towns in Northern India. I wonder if those are still around or they have given away to Harry Potters mutated into Hari Puttars. It is also striking that the duo has a Hindu and a Muslim name conjoined into one, much like Aligarh and so many other names in the sub- continent- that combine an Arabic and a Sanskrit word forming a new one altogether.

Nowadays, perhaps, the name of “Rajan Iqbal” would rather conjure up the image of a gangster duo. When I was a child, they were detectives out to help the world get rid of evil doers.

Between when I was a child and now, the world has turned upside down.

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53 thoughts on “Rajan Iqbal”

  1. The comic Rajan Iqbal was published by Diamond Comics from Daryaganj. However, the mini pocket books were published by at least, half-a-dozen different publications from Manoj to Tulsi.

    Interestingly, on the last page of each of these novels, the photo of SC Bedi was different and each claimed to be the real SC Bedi.

    In one of the publications, the publication cautioned ‘buy only the novel that shows SC Bedi in a shawl on the back cover.

    They were interesting, no doubt. Rajan, a Hindu and Iqbal, a Muslim, along with Inspector Uncle and other characters, was quite a hit. In those days, Ram-Raheem series was also popular.

    Kids who started reading comics, read these mini pocket books later on and then graduated to bulky novels of Ved Prakash Sharma etc

  2. Thanks for the information, Adnan. Seems my suspicion about SC Bedi being an actual person is justified at least to some extent! Have you come across any of these books lately?

  3. I also have fond memories of the duo (they were shown to be voracious eaters of omelette’s )….In fact over a month or so i stole a lot of these novels from a shop in Delhi where i would go with my cousin who was interested in Gulshan- Nanda kind of stuff….

  4. Dear friends,
    I’d like to share something with u about rajan iqbal too, as those novels have been a very important part of my life. In my child hood i was crazy for them. SC Bedi, was the Author and he is presently living in my home city Lucknow.
    Rajan Iqbal novels also use to have lot of comedy and love. with their girlfriends shobha and salma, novels were even more interesting. Those comics from diamond were not written by SC Bedi and those were no where near to the real Rajan Iqbal

    1. I am amazed and very happy to read that lots of you, just like myself do remember about Rajan Iqbal. I did not know SC Bedi was the writer. I was actually searching for new books of Rajan Iqbal and came to a website offering comics of this duo. If anyone has the pocket books I would like to borrow and if you live in the neighborhood of New Jersey, I would like to get together for a chat.


    2. I shall be highly thankful to your if you give me the phone or email id of Mr S.C. Bedi. Parikaht Kumar Ahlawat, MA, LL.M., Hony Director-General, Crime Deduction Society, Panipat. M-9812072802.

  5. I used to have a huge collection of the Rajan-Iqbal pocket books (not the comics, which I never found interesting). The collection was lost a couple of years ago, during a house-cleaning drive, and nothing can make up the loss.

    Your post (and these comments) triggered up some nice memories of childhood summer vacations. Does anyone (Andy!) know if these pocket books are still being published?

    1. Hi VK, Rajan Iqbal novels by SC Bedi are not publishing now, but i came across new rajan iqbal reborn series by a new author. novels are available online. I read them and they are amazing… try out

  6. we are great fan of Rajan Iqbal pocket books…we think that SC.Bedi is such a good writer……we want to read more books ….is SC.Bedi is still writing…..and from where we can buy books of Rajan Iqbal……we are waiting for ur reply frnds

  7. i liked the rajan iqbal novels alot , but as there is not much order in the small hindi novel industry, a lot of fakes spring up veneever awriter becomes successful,the novels were well written and there were different photos of mr sc bedi, if anyone can give an idea as to if these books r still available

  8. I have very fond memories about these duo. I never liked there comics from Diamond, but I always loved the pocket book version.

    I still have about a dozen with me, to cherish my childhood days…

  9. Hi,

    “Also, I came to know, after all these years, the name of the author- SC Bedi- I am quite intrigued by it and wonder if it is, like the name of the heroes in the novels, fictional too.” is not correct at all. S. C. Bedi is a geniune person and still lives in Ashiana, Lucknow. I got an opportunity to meet him in person few days back. However, he is retired now and no longer writing. He claims to have written 1500 books, which 1200 of them are Rajan Iqbal series.


    1. Hi Ravi,
      How was he when u met him?
      Is he grown too old now? why can’t he write a few books more.?
      He was the best

  10. ravi,
    would like to meet mr s.c. bedi to meet our childhod hero
    From delhi i will go to lucknow

    kindly provide us the detail


  11. i would like to share my memories of childhood that was always associated with comics. i still remember the heroes rajan & iqbal and one of my favourite titles rajan iqbal aur moorti ki chori which i still read.

  12. Dear Friends, I remember SC Bedi retired from this work few years back. I was sad to know this just like many of you fans of rajan iqbal. The worst thing is he retired when he was at his best. The latest novels of rajan iqbal were really very good. all those which wre published from Tulsi.

    Dear SC Bedi Sir, Why don’t you wite a few novels again. there are so may fans of yours out there. I suggest you to publish them online. You dunno how many fans you have worldwide. They can easily busy and read your stuff online… Pleasseeeeeeee…

  13. dear friends,

    Mr. s.c.bedi was my childhood hero, i almost
    read all the rajan iqbal series books of that
    time.One series i remmember was in three parts,
    kali Atma,atma ka rahasya and i could not remember the third one , as i couldn’t get it,
    now if you can send me the third one ,it will be a great pleasure to me , as i am still curious to know what was written in the third part.

  14. Hi, I just strayed into this series of discussion about Rajan Iqbal and S.C. Bedi. It so happens that I was also one of the millions of fans of the series. But even as a kid, I used to be in awe of the author, his name and his ever-changing face in the back cover (now I know why). Some phrases that would never go out of memory are “Kuchh hee der mein Rajan ki motor cycle hawa se baatein karne lagee” and “Inspector Balbir ka Chaar Andon ka Omlette”
    Today I am a small-time writer for TV myself – I would owe this a lot to childhood inspiration from Bedi Saab and Abid-Surti-Jagjit Uppal-Govind Brahmania for the Bahadur comics.
    Take care

  15. Hello friends,
    This is to inform you all that the great grand Mr. S.C.Bedi is my real uncle………and I’m really great to read about him on internet. I was really not knowing that he is too famous..as i was a child when his books used to be published.
    Ya, he still lives in aashiana, Lucknow (UP) India. But sorry to inform you now no more boks are published by Rajan Iqbal.
    Actually my uncle left the writing as his profession.
    On behalf of him I want to thank you all, for so much love and affection.

    Thank You.

    1. ya u can, for sure !! if u want any kinda help, I’ll ask my uncle to help u……& m quite sure that he ll help u out ……..

      1. Dear Ms. Kapoor,
        As I had mentioned in on of my past posts on this Rajan-Iqbal discussion page, I’m a scriptwriter for television. I’m based in Mumbai and working for a TV channel now on a contractual basis. I’m keen to develop a TV series based on the Rajan Iqbal story and characters. I hereby request you to send me your e-mail id, so that we could start a discussion about this. Once I get your e-mail id, I will send you my profile/bio-data for you to understand my experience and credibility.
        Please respond as soon as you possibly can, because right now I’m in a position where I can really make this happen with a little co-operation from you or anyone in your family who could represent Mr. Bedi regarding copyright issues. As I am a big fan of your uncle, I really want him (and his family) to benefit from the great work he has done in his life. More importantly, I want the present TV-viewing population should also get to enjoy the wonderful characters and stories that Mr. Bedi created. Though we may have to adapt the stories to present day situations and TV-serial method of story-telling, the basic strength of such a show will always be the wonderful original content crafted by Mr. Bedi.
        I shall look forward to hearing from you, Ms. Kapoor.
        Hoping that you will be interested in at least considering this, kindly connect with me on praveenrajwrites@gmail.com first, and then I can share my profile with my experience and contact details, and we can proceed in a way that suits both of us.

        Thanks and regards,
        Praveen Raj

  16. i m a gr8 fan of s c bedi sir…. a gr8 writer…….i hv read so many books written by him….such a graceful writer he is…..he never took advantage of love story of rajan-sobha and iqbal-salma a medium of cheap publicity….he has done a commendable job in the field of writing…i have got sm of his books which i love a lot…..can any one take initiative of making his books available online…..plssssssssssssssssss

  17. Wow SC Bedi was great no doubt. Remember in one book Rajan Iqbal encounter “ghosts” and then they start saying “jaj tu jajal tu aai balaa ko taal tu”. Now after 30 -35 odd years I still remember that page from their book. That is the power of SC Bedi sahab

  18. hi
    i am 34years old lady & a big fan of rajan eqbal. i read them from 28years ago. when i am only 6 years old. i always read all the series. i like rajan eqbal very much. but before some years i don’t found and new series, if any available plz informe me.

  19. I have been a grt fan of mr s c bedi,,,,
    Wish to meet him personally and thank him, for making my childhood days, wonderful.Can any one tell me about his location in aashiyana,Lucknow????

    1. Hi vivek,
      SC bedi ji lucknow me hi hain. address is K-10, Aashiana colony. It’s near to lucknow’s charbagh railway station– arnd 7-8 km.
      Hope it helps

  20. I have been a fan of dearest s.c.bedi ji since 1975. today suddenly i thought of him and start searching on google and i read this column.If any body who lives near him please convey my regards to him i would be highly thankful to the messenger.

  21. राजन इक़बाल रीबोर्न सीरीज़ का पांचवा उपन्यास भी प्रकाशित हो चुका है…
    “पिछले जन्म में”- ये कहानी है राजन, इक़बाल, सलमा, शोभा के पिछले जन्म की.:


  22. I used to love Rajan Iqbal Pocket books and specially the comedy of Iqbal and Nafis. I wish i could buy old pocket books of Rajan Iqbal by S.C. Bedi from Somewhere.

  23. Now u can buy these novels of rajan iqbal series on raj comics site…they are publishing those novels again.,,i bought it yesterday

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