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Ghazala has a wonderful selection of poems about poetry.

thoughts arrive
not while writing
while carrying load on back
while hauling weight over head
while toiling
moon rises and
shimmers on water
water of the heart

thoughts arrive
not while writing

while carrying stone
while hauling load over back
while killing snake in the backyard
while washing a child’s knickers
stones become mountains
maps turn physical
backs turn into turtles
time becomes the earth…


Chitti babu bids farewell to Chingiz Aitmatov, a writer much translated and loved by a generation in India.

His work was published even in many regional languages of this country, yet his death was not reported in any major English daily in India. He was a great writer. His novels, The Mother Earth, The Cranes Fly Early, Farewell, Gulsary, Jamila and of course, The First Teacher (alternatively called Duishen) are great works.

Incidentally, Aitamatov’s book Duishen can be downloaded from here.


Madhukar Shukla writes on the aftermath of Swades.

Do you remember the fairy-tale like movie “Swades”? about the NRI Mohan Bhargava (played by Shahrukh Khan) who returns to India, accidentally lands up in a remote village (with no electricity, plenty of illiteracy, and backwardness), and uses his engineering and organizing skills to help the villagers build a micro-hydel plant to bring electricity to the village

and the reality starts…

3-1/2 years later, The Bilgaon Project got hit by contemporary India’s development paradigm.


2nd View writes on The Story of Crime and Prisons:

For the last 10 years, more than 20% of the elected representatives in national and state parliaments had criminal charges pending against them. In some cases, the charges were petty and manufactured by political rivals. Reality is, that there are criminals in Indian Parliaments. Some criminals like Shahabuddin were of course, less elected and more manipulated their way into the Parliament.

Typically, India baiters revel in this and Indians are concerned about this. But, not The Indian Voter. He is unwilling to demonize candidates with a criminal record. The Indian Voter seems to definitely ambivalent about the criminal record of some of the candidates.


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