Tajmahal Ka Tender

An email alert from those good folks at IPTA, Mumbai announces the staging of the play Tajmahal ka Tender this Sunday. From its description it looks to be an entertaining one, and if you happen to be in Mumbai, might be a good idea to go and watch it over the weekend.

For the IPTA folks who might happen to be reading this post: for those like this blogger who will not be able to make it to Mumbai, much less go and watch the play, would it be too much to ask for a video recording to be available on the internet, at least some snippets?

About the play

Tajmahal Ka Tender is a very interesting portrayal of the present political and bureaucratic setup in India. The writer tries to explore the possibility of Shahjahan coming alive and giving orders to construct the Taj Mahal in today’s day and age. The bureaucratic machinery along with its infamous RED TAPE comes into action and takes the emperor for a long roller-coaster ride. Whether the Tajmahal is finally made or not, is a thing to be seen. The play is full of wit, humour and sarcasm. It provides non-stop laughter and the audience is in rip-roaring splits.

Tajmahal Ka Tender has been successfully performed in cities across India and overseas.

On Sun 29th June 2008, 8pm at Mysore Association, Matunga (E)

near Maheshwari Udyan / Kings Circle, Mumbai.

IPTA Mumbai presents


A super-hit comedy play in Hindi

Written by

Ajay Shukla

Directed by

Salim Arif


Rakesh Bedi, Bharat Kapoor, Avtar Gill, Pramod Dubey, Bansi Thapar, Poonam Jha & others

(Duration: 2 hrs with interval)

Booking opens on Wed 25th June (10am to 6pm) at venue (Ph: 24034100)

Tickets Rs.200/-, Rs.150/-, Rs.100/-, Rs.50/-

For bulk bookings contact us at iptamumbai@gmail.com


IPTA Mumbai
4 Sagar Sameep, Nehru Nagar CHS
Kishore Kumar Marg, Juhu Tara
Mumbai 400 049
Email: iptamumbai@gmail.com


Author: bhupinder singh

an occasional blogger

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