A Murder in Asom and other links

Aruni Kashyap writes on the brutal murder of a local CPI leader by the Asom Police, an incident that by and large went unreported in the media:

Manoj Deka’s brutal murder by Asam police in the name of counter insurgency operation holds multiple shocking implications about current politics in Assam. Manoj Deka was a senior leader of the Communist Party of India, Assam and held the post of the Morigaon district CPI General Secretary. On 1st July 2008 he was stopped by the Assam police while returning home from the market and searched. He showed his bags and let him be checked. This was lead by the Officer in charge Kamal Bora and a PSO Rafikul Hussain.With the pretext of ‘searching’ the commodities bought from the market were poured down on the road and when Deka protested he was insulted, pushed with great force that he hit a nearby electric pole and fainted.

A report in Down To Earth on how one man went against the hybrid grain, and cultivated an indigenous variety of wheat that needs just one or two rounds of irrigation, as compared to six or seven required by hybrid varieties. (link via email from Rahul)

Soji Ram sowed Amrita wheat in the beginning of rabi season last year; it is a contemporary version of the indigenous Malwi strand, over 0.3-hectare (ha) last rabi season. Amrita has been developed by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) at its Indore wheat research station. Amrita does not need much soil preparation; what it needs is only two rounds of irrigation.

Over at the State of Nature, Girish Mishra writes on globalization’s impact on culture.

The on-going process of globalization lays great stress on technology, which implies two things, namely, “machinery and the mental habits conducive to a dead thinking.” “Examples of such thinking are everywhere. We build mechanical connections between people and we call that the” infrastructure of community. “We convert the natural world into massive data sets, and we call that “ecological understanding.” We send trillion-dollar capital flows streaming daily through the world, seeking nothing more than their own mathematical increase, and we call that ‘social development.’ This is machine thinking.

Did you know?
The first communist Speaker of Indian Parliament Somnath Chaterjee is the son of one of the founders of the Hindu Mahasabha- NC Chaterjee.


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