How Kashmir is Being Won

Watching this video, I was reminded of a conversation with a major in the Indian army whom I met at a friend’s place in Delhi, recounting how he killed a Kashmiri driver during a routine check because he was incensed at the driver’s Muslim name and how this was listed as yet another “encounter” death. That was about eight or nine years ago at the height of the BJP’s rule at the center. Gruesome as it was listening to his slow- motion account of that “encounter”, what struck me at that time was that the man felt no shame or remorse. Instead there was a sense of bravado. That was the first such “encounter” he had had and remembered it as one would remember a first love.

This major went on to join the elite Black Cat commando force set up to counter terrorism. Among other things, I remember him remarking how the unit was “cleansed” of Sikhs and Muslims, apparently because they could not be trusted for matters of such key importance. This is, of course, anecdotal, though the list of the chiefs of the NSG at wikipedia lends credence to his claim.
Watch the video.

10 thoughts on “How Kashmir is Being Won

  1. Of course there are many ways for the Indian State to continue to hold on to Kashmir. It could do what it does best. Wait. And hope the people’s energy will dissipate in the absence of a concrete plan. It could try and fracture the fragile coalition that is emerging. It could extinguish this non-violent uprising and reinvite armed militancy. It could increase the number of troops from half-a-million to a whole million. A few strategic massacres, a couple of targeted assassinations, some disappearances and a massive round of arrests should do the trick for a few more years.

    The unimaginable sums of public money that are needed to keep the military occupation of Kashmir going is money that ought by right to be spent on schools and hospitals and food for an impoverished, malnourished population in India. What kind of government can possibly believe that it has the right to spend it on more weapons, more concertina wire and more prisons in Kashmir?

    The Indian military occupation of Kashmir makes monsters of us all.It allows Hindu chauvinists to target and victimise Muslims in India by holding them hostage to the freedom struggle being waged by Muslims in Kashmir. It’s all being stirred into a poisonous brew and administered intravenously, straight into our bloodstream.

    At the heart of it all is a moral question. Does any government have the right to take away people’s liberty with military force?

    India needs azadi from Kashmir just as much—if not more—than Kashmir needs azadi from India
    –Arundati Roy

  2. It is tragic that things have come to such a pass. I personally would like to differ from Roy’s conclusion, because separating Kashmir from India might be worse for both, but frankly, it is being between the devil and the deep sea.

    That the situation should continue to deteriorate over last two decades despite changes in regime at the Center is deplorable and makes one wonder if there is any change at the Center at all, vis a vis Kashmir.

  3. interesting how i sometimes cant agree…. what we need freedom from is not kashmir… we need some freedom of understanding… im not pro hindu or anti muslim… i sometimes understand what real hatred can make you do…
    it is an ever lasting process… lets free kashmir (azad kashmir zindabad)… lets free punjab… lets free the north east(maoist/ or ULFA)… lets free tamil nadu(they hav some language issue with the country)…what all shud we free?? the army is doing a good job…i believe in them…. one major, two sepoys are not what i generalise them with… they killed a muslim truck driver in rage… they shud be punished… can u punish the politicians for jeopardising hundreds of lives in there missions…. raj thackerey for dividing a state from the country? rajiv gandhi for his insensitivity in 1984?
    it makes people angry… they react… these cold murders are a part of that reaction… in the larger picture… i dont want to let that place become a part of another country where their own leaders are on seat by force… where thr has been no justice… will not be any justice… why should i want to knowingly hand over a place which i with my own eyes have seen as jannat and see it turn to a bigger hell hole than ever before???

  4. >one major, two sepoys are not what i generalise them with

    The Indian army has been deployed in J&K for the last 18 years. it is not a question of 1 major and 2 sepoys, but half a million strong Indian army for 18+ years!

  5. Our Army is in Cashmere to protect the people from jehadis.WE are in a humanitarian mission.It is the jehadis who are responsible for torture,rape ad murder.All the porkistani pigs are responsible.We love Cashmere.It is so beautiful.It is the crown of India We will not abandon cashmere.We are protecting you from terrorism,jehadis,Wahabbism,Salafism,Al Qaida,Osama,Taliban who will rape Cashmere women.We are very gentle.

  6. i WISH i WAS in the army. I too would take equally sadistic pleasure in killing innocent kashmiri muslims. He He He

  7. I dare you to publish my comments as it is.. I think many people here with same mindset are just spreading hatred by spitting many lies and provoking kashmiri muslims to hate India. Even an armyman is a human being, I can’t believe in the idea that anyone in this world can enjoy killing hundreds of own innocent people. If introspection is needed it is needed by both. India is not a land of monsters. It is a democratic country where even Musilms are enjoying equal rights and freedom. There is no favoritism on the basis of religion when it comes to rights here. I know many Muslim youths who are educated and earning their bread and butter like any other common Indian. Before spitting poision please know the real India.

    1. Ravish- You can see harsher and even vitriolic comments on this post.

      Having said that, I differ with you on the statement “There is no favoritism on the basis of religion when it comes to rights here”. You just need to refer to the Sachar Comittee Report submitted in 2006 to see the invalidity of your statement.

      Besides religion, caste continues to be a major issue. I fail to understand how bringing up these issues is considered to be “spitting poison”.

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