4 thoughts on “Naomi Klein on ‘Disaster Capitalism’”

  1. people like noam chomsky and naomi klein or even mike moore or not saying anything new. they may be sounding radical to the americans who have been fed on capitalist propaganda.

  2. oh, the people that you named are much better known outside the US. They never get any coverage in the mainstream media in the US.

  3. These people not getting mainstream coverage in India too. By the way, this is also one indication of their radical positions. I think that the word radical can also be used comparatively. There can be less radical and more radical positions. Another question is- Are these ‘non-radicals’ talking meaningfully. I think they are. However if I consider someone’s talk meaningful, it is not necessary to be in partial or total agreement with him/her. Last question- what is the radical position related to these crisis today?

  4. The radical position is to look for one. There is no off-the-shelf-solution, unfortunately, and since most radicals are intelligent people, it is difficult to get even two of them agree on anything. The only hope is for the system to crash AND for the masses to take action directly and hope that the radicals come up with some solutions meanwhile.

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