Mumbai Links

Tamil writer Gnani Sankaran on the Media’s lopsided priorities in reporting Mumbai attacks. (link via Kafila)

It is a matter of great shame that these channels simply did not bother about the other icon that faced the first attack from terrorists – the Chatrapathi Shivaji  Terminus (CST) railway station. CST is the true icon of Mumbai. It is through this railway station hundreds of Indians from Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Rajasthan, West Bengal and Tamilnadu have poured into Mumbai over the years, transforming themselves into Mumbaikars and built the Mumbai of today along with the Marathis and Kolis

Annie Zaidi’s nuanced observations on fear and skepticism in post- attack Mumbai:

Another friend mentioned how, as part of a citizen’s initiative, she walked up to the nearest cop on duty and thanked him – the entire police force – for what the cops had done. He laughed in her face and said, why, because this time it was the big hotels, and all you rich people were in danger? He didn’t think our gratitude would last.

Last but not the least, Badri Raina writing most scathingly on ZMag; Enough is Enough (link via Blogbharti)

Nor has the same terminal urgency that is now in evidence informed elite comment as to why those found guilty in that massacre (1992-93) by a high-powered Commission of Enquiry have not been  given their due deserts

And what of the Gujarat massacres of 2002? No terrorists from outside there too, but our own good citizens, secure in the knowledge that they had the blessings of the top man in the job. The very top man who continues to be the darling of many elites who do not fight shy of drooling over what a wonderful chief executive he would make for the whole country, full of “development” and profit maximiization.

No wonder that Mr.Modi should have been the first to hold a press briefing outside “ground zero” (am I sick of that copy-cat phrase) even while the bullets were flying, making it an occasion to deride no less than the Prime Minister.

4 thoughts on “Mumbai Links

  1. Thanks for the Links. Gnani hits the bull’s eye and Annie subtly pours the emotions…wish we hear louder amidst the chaos.

  2. these are such difficult times… and just when i thought that the winds of change had started blowing strong…

    your links were a bit heartening in the sense that while jingoism has taken over all spaces of expression, there are still some bastions left, however marginal they may be…

  3. yes, the events did come at a point when the Hindutva “family” was cornered wrt the Malegaon case.

    Anyway, after the elections results, it seems that the BJP’s attempt at jingoism hasn’t worked.

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