Recovering the Lost Tongue

Recovering the Lost Tongue: The Saga of Environmental Struggles in Central Indiaby Rahul Banerjee has been published by Prachee Publishers and is now available in India. It is priced at Rs. 250/- and can be ordered directly from the publisher:

Prachee Publications
3-3-859/1/A, lane opp. Arya Samaj,
Kachiguda,Hyderabad 500 027
Phone (O) 040-2460 2009 (11:00 5:00 p.m.)

See related post and a more detailed review of the book.

2 thoughts on “Recovering the Lost Tongue

  1. It has been delightful to read and contribute in editing and then publishing the book. Besides the fact that I found the book very fascinating, there is also the fact that the title of the book is inspired by one of my own favourite scenes from the film Aakrosh.

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