Nikolai Gogol

1st April seems to be an appropriate date to celebrate the 200th birth centenary of one of the great satirists of all times, Nikolai Gogol. Human nature, that of con men included, hasn’t changed much since his days.

Gogol’s prose is characterized by imaginative power and linguistic playfulness. As an exposer of the defects of human character, Gogol could be called the Hieronymus Bosch of Russian literature. (more)

Watch the entire film based on Gogol’s The Inspector General starring Danny Kaye (1949). Here is the first part:

Author: bhupinder singh

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5 thoughts on “Nikolai Gogol”

  1. Thanks for pointing out the movie – I just watched the first clip and loved it. I’ll try and get a copy to make an evening of it.

  2. It’s a good one, quite hilarious, in fact. I watched it again after many years on youtube. There is also a tele- film based on the same play with Utpal Dutt, but I can’t find it online as yet.

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