Originally intended as a collection of my book reviews, this blog now contains a mix of book reviews and social and political commentary. My interests in fiction have changed over the years, from the Russian classics to Latin American literature and more recently contemporary Chinese literature.

I also maintain a blog on the Indian historian and mathematician DD Kosambi.

I live with my better half, Bhaswati Ghosh, in southern Ontario, Canada.

I have translated most of the poems in the collection “To the Punjab of Farid” and Bhaswati and I helped to edit “Recovering the Lost Tongue” written by Rahul Banerjee. Both are available from amazon.com by following the links on the images below.

“To the Punjab of Farid and other poems” is available as a free e- book.

An unabridged version of “Recovering the Lost Tongue” is also available on-line.

is a writer and occasionally blogs here besides her own blog.

This site follows CopyLeft- anyone is free to use the contents, with a link back to the original post. I hope you will find some of the posts engaging, feel free to leave comments. You can reach out via email to readerswords@gmail.com, or just leave a comment here. I may not be able to respond to all comments, and even when I do, might be slow to respond.

24 thoughts on “About

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  2. Suzanne Ruta

    Hi, just got your reference to the Maissa Bey essay I
    translated for World Lit. Today. Bey is NOT
    the daughter of Larbi Ben M’Hidi…the French tortured and
    summarily executed thousands of Algerian rebels, her
    father and Ben M’Hidi met the same fate, but M’Hidi was
    the head of the FLN in Algiers, Bey’s father was a school-
    teacher in el Boghari…I took a round about way into
    the subject, sorry if it wasn’t clear. Part I is about
    Algeria and the ways its history has been used lately
    by the Pentagon, part II is about Bey.

    Also the essay stands by itself, Bey hasnt written a
    book length memoir about her father, but she has written
    a number of novels, all marked by early trauma.

    glad to see people are reading WLT. best wishes, S Ruta
    Also your photo shows two authors I love, Bolano and
    Tomas Eloy Martinez…we seem to have the same tastes

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  4. readerswords Post author

    Thanks for your comment and the correction, Suzanne. It seems that I have quite an imagination :-)

    Very honoured that we share the same interests. Thanks for visiting!

  5. Pritpal Shergill

    I looking for some info.
    Ages ago I met Bhupinder Singh at Mr Ramasami’s (Tribune) place.
    Is this the same Bhupinder Singh?

  6. Vidyadhar Gadgil

    Fantastic material here, read just a few posts and am hooked. Have bookmarked the site and will read at leisure.


  7. S. Amir Kenyatta

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    and contact me about bringing it to your hometown. Robeson is my hero & mentor & I’m passionately committed to keeping his memory alive.
    Stogie Kenyatta
    Paul Robeson One Man Show .com

  8. Toby


    I am Toby from PaperBoat Publishers. We were looking for some great stuff to publish and came across some of your writings. I must admit I am impressed by them.

    Do you like to put together all your write-ups and publish them? If so, please connect to me. We will be happy to publish some of the finest Indian writing (in all Indian languages, including English)in the first year of our Publishing venture.

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    You can connect to me for taking it further.

    Yours truly
    Toby Oliver


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