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You can now listen to the posts in this blog, thanks to this neat technology from Talkr. Each post has a “Listen to this post” link at the end to listen to the post rather than reading it. There are some quirks, though, when non- English words or alphabets (like the Spanish ñ) are used.

You can also subscribe to this blog as a podcast via google reader, bloglines or any other feed reader of your choice. Click on the Subscribe to the audio link to do so. This is in addition to the regular feed. The regular feed also has a “Listen to this post” link as does the email, if you subscribe to this blog via email.

Incidentally, the subscribe by email feature, introduced on this blog a couple of months back, has proved to be unexpectedly popular.

Update: For some reason, the talkr feed is unavailable since I wrote this post and I’d rather not advise subscribing to their feed. The “Listen to this post” is working, though.

Listen to this article Listen to this post

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