What Hemant Hegde did not know about Hindutva

On Friday, Hindu radicals in the southern state of Karnataka stymied plans to erect a 20m (67ft) statue of the film star, on the grounds that he was a Christian. The move came amid a backlash against Western culture that has raised concerns that parts of India are at risk of being “Talebanised” by Hinduism’s far Right.

The Chaplin sculpture was being built at a cost of about 3.5 million rupees (£48,600) near the town of Udupi, the site of several Hindu temples. The structure was to form part of a film set, but work ground to a halt when Hindu activists chased the workers away and buried the building materials.

Hemant Hegde, the film-maker, told local reporters that he abandoned the project after being threatened by a mob of about 50 people, whose leader told him: “We will not allow you to construct a statue of a Christian actor.” Source

Mr. Hemant Hegde should have known that the Hindutva bandwagon don’t have no sense of humour. Charlie – humanist and communist- would have laughed at this episode, or he might have made this speech, if someone cared to listen.

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6 thoughts on “What Hemant Hegde did not know about Hindutva”

  1. Ok Mates, I am not from that part of karnataka and if you don’t think I am not progressive.. I have no regrets..But I am seeking answers to few questions , can you “right” thinking people please try to answer my questions?
    India is an democratic country,Right? As you have the right to protest, even the locals have the right to protest. Did they create any violence? Why did he insisted installing the statue on temple land? If you have sense of humor, please donate your house, We don’t have(sense of humor). Why didn’t he try to seek permission to install it in a park instead of temple? What are the motives behind installing the statue there and the interests behind it? What is the source of money? So, you the set of progressive people are contributing towards development of India, can you please explain in which ways? No Body loves India, except milking nation to the core to gain personal benefits.

  2. Charlie Chaplin, for people all over the world is a very lovable figure who played the down and out character in his films. I fail to see why anyone should have any objection against him- unless they have no sense of humour at all. That too, for the wrong reason- for Charlie purportedly being a Christian when he was an agnostic and rejected religion.

    Your point about the commercialization and the motive to make money out of everything is well taken, and I do wish that was also the stated motive for the protests, and not that of a Christian person’s statue being put up near the temple. If you listen to his speech, you will find his own views on the greed of the rich at the expense of the poor.

  3. “Why did he insisted installing the statue on temple land?” – Now is that a new one?

    I guess land of temples (btw Udupi is far from that) and temple land are different things. ‘Temple land’ makes this sound like some encroachment.

    there is another leaf Hindutva crowd takes from the Nazis – they lie.

    plus its not that our ‘cow’-boys dont have humour, they are so very afraid of it.

  4. @BVN, Dude, I have every reason to believe that you are just ignorant and one among the “progressive minded” people of India, Better watch news related to this controversy.The news has shown the location innumerable times. The proposed site was RIGHT inside the temple compound, on the sea shore. So if you believe it is a new propaganda go and contest with CNN-IBN. Don’t make a laughing stock out of yourself. And before all these things I have some more questions, why didn’t he take permission and protection from Local police? What are his credibilities? This episode shows any Tom,Dick and Harry can create a sort of controversy and gain limelight in the senseless Media and backed by equally senseless so called progressive people, a small fraction of peole in India. How many of these progressive people are working in ISRO, Health Care, any scientific research center or any really progressive fields? Ok, what are the fields you have progressed in? Any contribution towards development of India? Don’t give cock and bull stories of working in IT and ITES sector or some other outsourced units, earning foreign revenues. Contribution of IT and ITES is just a small fraction of GDP. You are making a earning and making a livelihood for yourselves, not too much of contribution for India.There are other fields which have really contributed in development of India. There is a clear line of difference between humor and commercialization for personal gains. Chaplin, as observed by RW, was against the riches who become more richer at the expense of poor. And even this applies to our Great producer. If you are so much interested with his great works, go and watch Khanna and Iyer. I contest all the progressive people to show their developmental activities, if there are any!!!!!!

    Dear Rw, Your observation shows that the creation of this controversy is nothing but a cheap gimmick to seek attention.

  5. people who speak about hindutva doesnt know what a real hindu is,and as far charlie chaplin issue is concerned we have to let director Hemanth hegde to install it ,because it ll be a pride to our country,it ll also be in guiness,

  6. Kiran, can you please enlighten us on Hindutva and what a real Hindu should be? Chandrayan is pride to India,Tejas is pride of India, Mother Theresa is Pride of India. A 67 feet Charlie can be easily overshadowed,by building a new taller statue some where else in the world. Mother Theresa didn’t erect statues to make feel Indians proud.
    But, the motive was not to help society neither to do some thing “GREAT”, except for his personal gains. Let him produce a film worth mentioning in Guiness Book of world records, then for sure he will receive our(bloody Hindu Idiots) applause.

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