How I became a “pure non-vegetarian”


My earliest memory of food is eating roshogollas at our neighbour, the portly Mrs. Sen’s flat in Bokaro. Other memories from that age—three—and later, mostly include things I did not like— milk, brinjals, karela, spinach and yogurt. Over the years I’ve made peace with and even begun to like all these, except yogurt, for which I retain a strong revulsion.

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Author: bhupinder singh

an occasional blogger

2 thoughts on “How I became a “pure non-vegetarian””

  1. Hi Bhupinder, that’s an interesting and funny story. I have always thought of mutton as lamb (sheep) but from your description it sounds like it’s the term for goat meat in India. Is that the case?

    1. Hi Tom, you are correct. Goat meat is called mutton. We usually don’t get lamb there. You might have also noticed the usage of the word “flat” for an “apartment” much like the way the British use it.

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