The Melancholy Woman by Paul Gauguin

This is one of my favourite paintings- it says so much via the inset painting on the wall and the chair, besides of course the expression on the face of the Tahitian woman.

It is the loss of the primitive essence- the chair indicates the ‘modernity’ brought in by the West, and the painting on the wall reminds us of the ‘primitive bliss’ of Tahiti. The woman is caught inbetween. As simple, and as tragic, as that. Speaks for the dilemma of so many in the third world.

More on Paul Gauguin.

My thanks for reminding me of this painting to hamsafar Alok


Author: bhupinder singh

an occasional blogger

8 thoughts on “The Melancholy Woman by Paul Gauguin”

  1. thanks bhupinder! 🙂

    btw, You must have read Llosa’s Gauguin book, The Way to Paradise? I read a few reviews but haven’t read the book itself yet.

  2. Indeed, I was introduced to Paul Gauguin via Llosa’s The Way to Paradise. By Llosa standards, a passable work, doesn’t rank among his best. But then I would rather read Llosa than any other book anyday- even his worst is preferable to most others (except his pathetic Who Killed Palomino Molero).

    And thank heavens, I did not read Somerset Maugham’s The Moon and Six Pence first- also based around Gauguin- and which like much of the Anglo American works, left me cold.

  3. I am not sure if i have an eye for a painting…but its a good work,though i can’t read that much politics in this…

  4. Rama: no problem, your post fitted in so well with Owais’s ! I will read the post that you have indicated. Keep up the good work at your blog !
    Siyaah: I thought so too.
    Rajesh: Well, exactly how much politics can you see in this painting?

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