Advani as PM Candidate

Advani is the BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate for the next General Elections slated for 2009. The sense of timing is not lost on anyone- one day before Mr Modi, whose governance Mr Advani much admires, faces the elections in Gujarat. The country can now look forward to some more yatras perhaps.

Although party leaders denied that the issue had any connection with the Gujarat polls, privately it was said that it was meant to give a signal to Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi that he should not see himself as a future BJP prime minister. Source

If the timing is not confounding, the reasons certainly are. One would have thought that this is to project a BJP MP from Gujarat as the future Prime Minister, and that too one who admires Mr Modi. But the quote above indicates something else- that Narendra Modi has ambitions to become the Prime Minister of India.

And not just that- it raises another question about the purpose of the elections. Is it that the Gujarat elections are going to determine who the next CM of Gujarat is going to be or is it to short list the prime ministerial candidates in the BJP?

What led to BJP’s announcement now?

Image Source: The Tribune

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  1. Wow – Liked the blog… Got here because I just made a post on politics so was hovering around wordpress for similar posts.. Definitely a good find!

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